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Enrollment Date Overview: There are a few must know Medicare enrollment dates that everyone should know. With all the different Medicare enrollment periods, it is challenging to figure out which ones apply to you. This article will take you through four important enrollment periods that are the most important. Make sure you understand these critical [...]
Medicare Part D: The Basics Medicare eligibility begins at 65. Most older adults approaching 65 feel overwhelmed when it comes to signing up for Medicare coverage. Learning about enrollment periods, the parts of Medicare, and plan options can be stressful. On top of that, many seniors are surprised to find out that prescription drugs are [...]
When Can You Change Medicare Advantage Plans? How and when to change a Medicare Advantage plan is a very important concept to understand especially if you have already selected a Medicare Advantage plan. If you have already enrolled in a plan, that does not mean that you are locked into that plan if you decide [...]
If your current Medicare Part D plan no longer fits your health or financial needs, you can change it. Each year Medicare offers beneficiaries the opportunity in making changes with their prescription drug coverage. This opportunity is known as the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). It runs from October 15 to December 7 each year. During [...]
Medicare Part D, also known as prescription drug coverage, is the part of Medicare that helps beneficiaries pay for some of the costs of prescription medications. Part D is available to all Medicare-eligible  individuals.  Enrollment in Part D is optional however, it’s something to consider. Individuals who do not enroll in a prescription drug plan [...]
Medicare Part D covers prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries through private plans. These plans are sometimes also referred to as “Medicare Rx” and “Prescription Drug Plans” (PDPs). Part D helps to cover the cost of prescriptions that are filled at the pharmacy or through mail-orders. One common mistake enrollees make about Original Medicare coverage [...]
If you are new to Medicare or just beginning your search for a prescription drug plan you may be feeling overwhelmed. The rising costs of prescription drugs is becoming an increasingly important issue among retirees who live on a fixed income and need to stretch their dollars across their health care coverage. Since Original Medicare [...]
Medicare Part D is the part of Medicare that provides prescription drug coverage. Enrollment in Part D is optional. However not enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan when you are first eligible can leave you with gaps in coverage, high out-of-pocket costs, and a late enrollment penalty. If you’re on the fence on whether [...]
Medicare and Social Security eligibility marks a significant moment in time for many older adults. It’s a time when many individuals hang up their career hats and embark on a new chapter of life that includes leisure and enjoyment. Social Security eligibility can begin as early as 62. Medicare eligibility begins at 65. Many older [...]

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